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Are you tired of all the marketing hype extolling the claims and promises of skin care products that fail to deliver?!  Yeah, well, me too!

Obviously, there are some excellent products available that will help your skin look and feel more vibrant and healthy. Finding them is a lot more difficult than it ought to be.

Without a chemistry degree, making sense of the ingredients in skin care products is like reading a foreign language.  I don’t know how many times I have tried to compare product ingredients while standing in the store aisle, only to become more confused.   Often I decide to simply buy the most expensive product thinking that it ought to be the best.

Bad decision…  Because, as it turns out some of the most expensive, well known skin care products are often the most ineffective.  You definitely can’t base your decision on price.  Ah, but some of those products do have some really nice marketing going on!

So, how should you decide which skin care product to use?

What should a good skincare product accomplish?  It should smooth and soften your skin, minimize any lines around your eyes, reduce bags under your eyes, even-out color inconsistencies caused by age spots, help reduce unwanted pigment concentrations and more.  Basically, you want it to improve the overall look and good health of your skin.

That seems like an awful lot.  Can one product really do all of that?

First, let’s make sense of some of those crazy ingredients.  The intent here, is to provide an understanding of the ingredients you want included in your skin care products and to identify those ingredients you want to avoid having in your skincare products.

This information will empower you to choose quality skin care products that provide the results you so earnestly desire.

Identify the Ingredients you want to Include

and those you wish to Exclude from

your Best Skin Care Products

Of course, once you know what ingredients to look for, you’re still going to have to compare thousands of products to find the best products for you.  This daunting task makes it difficult to locate the few skin-care products that actually produce real results by rejuvenating your skin and melting away years of aging from your face and body, naturally.

Both the cosmetic surgery and topical skin care industries are multi-billion dollar industries.  Marketers know the way you look, affects the way you feel. As a result, consumers willingly spend lots of money making themselves look and feel better and/or younger.   

Naturally, as demand for such products skyrockets, more products flood the market place to satisfy this demand.

Instead of research and development, many manufacturers are focusing their resources marketing their products.  To the uneducated consumer, everything looks great.  The slick packaging that the lotions and creams come in are appealing and user friendly.  The magazine advertisements are first class, glossy ads, complete with youthful models or well known celebrities who are paid handsomely to promote the product – often, never having used the product themselves.

I mention this because, in order to meet this growing demand, manufacturers are rushing products to market, side stepping needed research and development.  As a result skin care products are making their way to market that not only don’t do what they were marketed to do, but often cause more damage to your skin!

These manufacturers must also charge a lot for their products to off set the tremendous marketing costs, spent on the product containers, magazine, radio, and TV ads or to pay royalties to the celebrities and models who endorse their products.

Even worse, these same manufacturers cut their production costs by using inferior ingredients; some of which can cause harm to your skin.

This is why, basing your decision on price alone, is ineffective.  You’re paying for that slick package, instead of quality ingredients.

Never has it been more important to do your homework. Take the time to do some research to understand what ingredients work to improve your skin and identifying ingredients that are actually bad for their skin!

Here, you’ll find basic information about some ingredients you will want to include in your Skincare products and what their purpose is.  You’ll also find a list of ingredients to exclude.  Armed with this information you will be able to make an informed decision regarding which products are best for your skin!


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