A Guide to Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments

The following is designed to serve as a brief anti-aging skin care guide. Our goal is to provide an understanding of some of the benefits and drawbacks of anti-aging skincare treatments. As well as providing a basis for searching for quality products to improve the health of your skin.

There are hundreds of products on the market designed to help enrich your skin. Each claim to be the best at making you look and feel younger. How do you know what works and what doesn’t?  Hopefully, the following information will provide some answers.

The sun is responsible for 90% of the changes in our skin that we attribute to getting older. Wrinkles, fine lines, and changes in the tone and texture of our skin are all caused by ultraviolet (UV), radiation. Sagging skin and bags under our eyes are caused by a loss of elastin – the stretchy material in our skin. Which accounts for the remaining 10%.

The majority of the damage to our skin is done before we reach the age of twenty. Despite this knowledge we are continually encouraged to use sunscreen whenever we’re exposed to direct sunlight, to avoid damaging our skin further.

That’s all good and well, provided there’s no adverse affects associated with the use of sunscreen.  Which, until recently was the belief.

We know its use may decrease the risk of squamous and basal cell cancer, but it now appears to increase the risk of melanoma, which is the most deadly form of skin cancer.

It is unclear whether the increased risk of melanoma is caused by the sun block chemicals being absorbed through the pores of our skin or merely over-reliance on the products to protect our skin.

What is clear, research shows anti-aging skin care treatment which is designed to be used daily, should not contain sunscreen.

Even though most of the damage to our skin is done when we are young, that doesn’t mean that we cannot restore some of that damage. We can encourage our body to create new collagen, new elastin and new skin-cells, all while increasing levels of proteins that are important for all of these processes.  In doing so, we will look and feel younger.

There are products currently available on the market that will help rejuvenate our skin. But, we are going to have search diligently to find them. The best way to do that, is by reading through the ingredients of the available products.

There are specific ingredients that have been found to be truly effective in rejuvenating one’s skin. For example, there is clinical research supporting the effectiveness of anti-aging skin care treatments that contain Keratin, wakame and nano-lipobelle.

Keratin is a protein that is needed to create and repair the skin’s layers and cells. This particular type of protein can easily be absorbed and used by the human body for that repair work.

The best, most natural Keratin, is a combination of natural bioactive Keratin and a nutritional hydrolysed keratin, which is derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep.

You are likely aware free radicals may cause cancer in our bodies, but did you know the negative effects that free radicals can have on our skin? They can adversely affect the integrity of the collagen and elastin fibers in our skin, eventually causing wrinkles.

Just as we may take antioxidants orally to destroy free radicals inside our bodies, we need antioxidants for our skin, as well. Nano-lipobelle and wakame have powerful antioxidant capabilities. Wakame extract is derived from a specific kind of sea kelp.

While, Nano-lipobelle is a specially created formula containing vitamin E and co-enzyme Q-10. This ingredient is designed to penetrate through all our skin’s layers, destroying free radicals as it goes.

Beware of anti-aging skin care products that contain sun block.  And remember, only the best skin care treatments contain all of the nourishing ingredients mentioned here.

We hope this information provides a starting point on your quest to a healthier, more natural rejuvenation of your skin.


These ingredients will improve the health of your skin!

Avoid these ingredients!