How to Revitalize Your Aging Skin

You’re not alone if you want to revitalize your aging skin to look and feel younger. Practically, everyone is looking for anti-aging skin care these days to help keep their skin healthy.

How you look often goes hand-in-hand with how you feel. So, if you don’t look young, you may not feel young. Facial wrinkles and “crows feet” just don’t look very good, when they’re starring back at you from that mirror.

I guess just about everyone wants to look younger than they really are. I’ve been lucky, I suppose, because I have always been accused of being younger than my actual age. I’ve always hoped it has been because of my youthful look, and not immature behavior…? Maybe a little of both, I suppose. But clearly, some folks age much more gracefully than others.

Regardless of our actual age, we can all benefit by taking care of our health – including our skin. If for no other reason than when we look good, we feel good!

There are many things that make a person’s skin wrinkle and cause them to look older than they are. For example, individuals with a history of smoking tend to have more wrinkles around their eyes and mouths. Using an anti-aging skin cream can help smooth out those wrinkles and improve their self-image.

The same applies to individuals who have had a lot of sun exposure, which can cause premature wrinkling of the skin. Again, the right anti-aging skin care can help revitalize your skin, from the inside out, naturally.

The easiest way to minimize the damaging effects aging can have on our skin, is to avoid those activities that are the most detrimental to our skin. Obviously, if we can avoid smoking, don’t and if we are a smoker, the health of our skin is just another great reason to try to quit.

Another thing we will want to do, is avoid extensive exposure to direct sunlight. If we must be in the sun, use sunscreen or wear protective clothing.

The sun’s rays have always had the potential to damage one’s skin, but with the reduced ozone layer, the sun’s rays are even more intense today. We all like a good suntan, but those bronze bathing beauties won’t be looking so great in their sixties and seventies.

Another important, all natural activity we can do is to drink plenty of water. Water not only helps our body clear toxins from our body, but it also helps our skin retain its elasticity.

Let’s not forget about taking our vitamins. Our skin needs nutrients just like the rest of our body and unless we’re very proactive with our dietary needs, our skin will benefit from the regular ingestion of quality vitamins.

Of course another great tip to revitalize your aging skin is to use an anti-aging skin cream. Being good to ourself includes being good to our skin. When I was younger, I was somewhat irritated when others assumed I was considerably younger. But, now that I’m much older, the tables have turned, and I have to say, I kinda like it!

I’ve always tried to follow the rules of avoidance when it comes to  skin care, but I’m no different than many of the rest of you – I did it more by accident than with intent.

When I was barely a teen, I literally fried myself on a beach in Mexico, and suffered for weeks afterwards. That has to rank as one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done – but I’m telling you, I never put myself in a position to do that again!

Plus, I never smoked. Again, more by accident than by intent. Even though I grew up with smokers around me, I simply never developed an interest in smoking. Honestly, I tried it, but the taste was just not for me.

Despite taking steps to reduce the wear and tear on one’s body, we can’t avoid aging. A good quality, natural, anti-aging skin cream is a necessity for vital, healthy skin, and especially important if you find you must revitalize your aging skin.

I’ve looked into skin care before, but not to reduce the impact of aging, simply because I had dry, sensitive skin. I have been using skin care products of some sort, most of my life.

Now that I am getting older, I’ve been looking at anti-aging skin cream more thoroughly to find one that is good for my skin and kind to my pocket book.

Any skin care can get expensive, but if you are on a budget, don’t worry. The good news is, expensive products are not necessarily the best products. In fact once I learned more about the ingredients in these skin care products, I discovered that many of the most expensive, name brand, anti-aging skin care creams are in fact, harmful to your skin! Some actually enhance the aging process!

So, don’t let those commercials talk you into purchasing some $100 dollar skin cream just because of it’s name. That’s not to say name brand products are not good. But what I am saying is, don’t assume that because it’s expensive, it works any better than anything else on the market.

Look for the following three key ingredients in your skin care products: KanapaTM a uniquely formulated blend of super plant based, natural ingredients designed to maintain and repair the health of your skin.

Also, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 which penetrates down seven levels of skin to produce dramatic results; and phytessence wakame which is derived from Japanese sea kelp, heals inflamed skin, while protecting it against further damage.

Of course, there are other great, natural ingredients to help you find quality skin care products.  But a product that contains all three of these plus more active ingredients would be a great product to use on your skin.

Once you have begun using natural, healthy anti-aging skin care products to revitalize your aging skin, your skin will feel refreshed and revitalized. Making you look and feel younger!