About Us

Mark & I work together to research and find solutions to improve our overall health with natural solutions. We share the research and writing, though somewhat lopsidedly…

Starting with the water we drink, Mark has done the leg work for you, to help you learn how to improve the quality of your health, by assuring the water you drink and bath in is sparkling clear and contaminant free. But, you can’t stop there. There are other natural products that can be used to improve or curtail symptoms you may be experiencing.

As for me, Kylie, I am not professionally trained in medicine or skin care. I have had life experiences dealing with sensitive skin on a daily basis. Just doing normal things like swimming in a public pool, caused problems – given the amazingly high amount of chlorine in the pool.

I could not rely on over the counter products to protect my skin from the sun and pool chemicals, but instead, had to seek out other, much more expensive products, often with a prescription. To my dismay, these products often seemed to provide some level of relief from my symptoms initially, but only temporarily.

Through trial and error, self-education and some common sense, I came to realize well designed natural products were the best thing to maintain the good health of my skin, by enabling my body to better protect itself.

If the information here provides nothing more than a stepping stone to your quest for improved information and ultimately a healthier you, then we’ve succeeded.