Desirable Skin Care Product Ingredients

Before we begin a review of the specific ingredients you’ll want to look for, let’s take a step back to look at our skin and what makes a product ingredient beneficial or detrimental to our skin.

The primary reason our skin develops lines, and/or begins to sag is due to the progressive break down of the naturally occurring collagen and elastin in our skin.  This process will happen regardless of whether it is exposed to the elements, such as the skin on our face and hands, or is more protected like the skin on the rest of our body.

What exactly is collagen?  I’m glad you asked…

Collagen is a protein that is fiberous in nature.  This fiberous quality separates it from other proteins, and gives it a tremendous tensile strength which translates into firmness in your skin.  It is essentially the glue that hold our bodies together.

From a logical perspective, if collagen breaks down as a result of the aging process, then it makes sense that our skin would become less firm.  Due to this loss of firmness, our skin begins to sag and wrinkle over time.

Elastin is also a protein, and as its name implies, it provides an elastic quality to our skin.  Elaston helps our skin return to its original state after it has been stretched.  Elastin provides our skin it flexibility.

A good majority of the available skin care products do nothing more than fill in the wrinkles and lines, providing a temporary appearance of nice, smooth skin.  What you want are products that actually help your skin to become naturally clear and radiant.

The Best Skin Care Products

Rejuvenate Your Skin

The best skin care products include ingredients that rejuvenate the elastin and collagen in your skin, in a natural and healthy manner.  These skin care products contain ingredients that actually stimulate new collagen and elastin production in your skin.  If you can achieve this, you are basically, turning back the hands of time.

But there’s a trick many manufacturers use.  Some manufacturers, especially some of those offering the more expensive products, will include just enough of the really good active ingredients, to enable them to legally include them in their list of ingredients.  Really…?  Yup – it’s all about making the sale!

The problem with that is, there’s not a sufficient amount of these good, active ingredients to be beneficial to your skin.  But, because the manufacture is able to list them, when the consumer checks the ingredients, they’re pleased to discover these excellent, natural ingredients are included and believe they are buying a quality product.   

This practice is done simply as a marketing ploy to dupe the public.  You see, these ingredients are expensive, and these manufacturers know that the best return on their investment is in marketing, not in purchasing expensive ingredients.

What can you do?  When choosing a skin care product, it’s not just about selecting one with good ingredients, it’s about choosing products that include a high concentration of these good, healthy ingredients.

Discover the most Powerful

Anti-Aging Ingredients You’ll Want

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OK, now back to the “Good Ingredients!”

Collagen:  We just discussed the important role collagen (i) has in your healthy, youthful skin.  So, should you run out and buy any skin care product with collagen listed?  The marketers out there are counting on just that. They know if you’ve done some research, you’ll know how important collagen is.

But as you’re about to learn right here, including collagen as an ingredient is a total scam!  Collagen molecules are way too large to penetrate through skin, when applied topically.   The key is to purchase a product with ingredients that have been shown to stimulate your body’s own collagen production!

Phytessence Wakame: This is an exotic kelp,(ii) found in the Japanese Sea.  It benefits your skin by blocking a harmful enzyme in your body called hyaluronidase.  Hyaluronidase breaks down hyaluronic acid in your skin, which sounds as if it ought to be good.

Again, knowledge is power.  Hyaluronic acid, basically provides the elastin and collagen fibers in your skin, with their “glue.”  Without this glue, your youthful appearance slowly disappears while dark circles around your eyes begin to appear.

Please don’t take my word for this – check it out.  If you get on Wikipedia, you will learn that “Hyaluronan” (iii) is a major component of skin, and that it functions in tissue repair.” (I know, I know, Wikipedia is a weak resource, but encourage you to check it out elsewhere)

Xtend-TK:  This sounds more like an energy drink than a substance that stimulates your own collagen to grow.  As a matter of fact, clinical studies have shown Xtend-TK not only stimulates the regrowth of collagen but also the regrowth of elastin.  By doing so, it promotes firmness and elasticity in your skin, which adds up to fewer wrinkles, and a more youthful, healthier looking skin.

Xtend-TK may also improve your skin’s retention of much needed, natural moisture.  Studies have shown a 14% improvement in skin moisture retention over an 18 day period, when Xtend-TK (iv) has been introduced. Studies have also shown skin elasticity to improve a whopping 42%, over the same 18 day period.

Definitely, an ingredient you will want working for you in your skin care products.

Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10):  You may or may not know, that a lot of skin damage is caused by free radicals running wild and wreaking havoc in our body’s cellular system.  CoQ10 (v) is a naturally occurring, powerful antioxidant which can counter these free radicals, while minimizing any damage.

CoQ10 is similar to a vitamin and can be found in all our body’s cells and is very important for healthy skin.  As we age the amount of CoQ10 in our cells is depleted.

Once again we need to look a little closer at this ingredient.  When we do, we find CoQ10 can come in different forms, and that each form has different properties.  The version you want to look for is Nano-Pilobelle H-EQ10(vi).

You can find CoQ10 listed in most high priced skin care products.  The majority of CoQ10 that is found in most moisturizers and lotions is useless when applied to your skin.

The Nano-Pilobelle H-EQ10 version, is a special “nano-emulsion” formulation that has been designed to penetrate deep into your skin.  This version can actually penetrate through seven layers of skin, removing free radicals as it does.

Because of Nano-Pilobelle’s ability to destroy free radicals and its deep penetration, it is a very powerful anti-aging  component that can reduce wrinkles.  It also promotes your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

Whether used independently or together, these ingredients are some of the most powerful anti-aging skin care compounds currently available, and when applied as directed can significantly improve the look and feel of your skin.

Now that you know what to look for, where can you find all these ingredients in one product line?

The Xtend-Life Natural Products company, that’s where.  This company is located in New Zealand but ships products world-wide.

This company is not a household name and it doesn’t have big Hollywood celebrities endorsing their products for even bigger royalties.  They don’t even advertise on the radio, in magazines, and on TV.

What they do, is focus their time, energy and resources on research and development and as a result produce some of the absolute best skin care and anti-aging products available.

They’re your “secret weapon,” in your fight against premature aging.  The big name companies simply do not want you to know about them, because their products are so much more superior, while maintaining their natural roots.

Now that you’re armed with this information check out their site and read about their Skincare  products.  If you’re serious about wanting to achieve younger looking, more vibrant, healthy skin, then you owe it to yourself to check out their skin care products.

When it comes to taking care of your precious skin, you’ll be very impressed by their knowledge and the quality of their products.


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