Soluble Fiber Supplement

. . . Make other supplements work better.

. . . Assimilate more nutrients from your food.

. . . Regulate your digestive process.

We all know the mantra within the physical fitness industry today is, “Take care of your core.”  Yet, did you know that same focus should be applied to your inner core, as well?!

Your inner core, or digestive tract located behind the abdominal wall requires more attention than your outer core.

Just about everybody in the entire world has an imbalance in their digestive tract.  Correcting this isn’t as difficult as you might think, however you must have the correct combination of components.

Do You Have an Imbalanced Digestive Tract?

Use the check list below to see all the symptoms that apply:

* Back Pain                                                          * General Sluggish Feeling
* Acne                                                                    * Abdominal Cramping
* Lack of Energy                                                * Heartburn
* Skin Breakouts                                               * Indigestion
* Bloated Feeling                                              * Allergies
* Uncomfortable Around Midsection      * Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Smelly Gas                                                       * Colon Pain
* Constipation and/or Diarrhea                 * Straining when “Going”
* Unpredictable Bowels                                 * Unexplained Weight Gain
* Bad Breath                                                       * Frequent Colds or “Bugs”
* Body Odor                                                        * Precancerous Polyps

How many did you check?  Just think, you may be able to discontinue taking antacids for heartburn, cold medicine for your sniffles and many if not all, those other products you have come to rely on for relief from your symptoms.

Wouldn’t You Rather Live With…

  • Improved Skin Appearance
  • Reduce Acne
  • Weight Loss at a Healthy Pace
  • Increased Energy
  • Reduced Bloating and Size of Stomach
  • Regular Bowel Movements
  • Faster, More Comfortable Bowel Movements
  • Reduced Smelly Gas
  • Maximized Intake of Nutrients from Food & Supplements
  • Proper Processing of Toxic Components of Food
  • Healthy Immune Response
  • Non-Accumulation of Toxic Waste in Colon
  • Decreased Desire for Alcohol

There’s a good chance you can now live without all health issues shown above.

Most often when we have digestive issues, we increase our fiber intake or probiotics.  However, rarely is the problem the result of one element being out of whack.  Our problems are being caused by the four most critical elements, soluble fiber, enzymes, phenolics and prebiotics either being missing or failing to work in harmony.

This is where Kiwi-Klenz comes into play.  Kiwi-Klenz is a unique, Kiwi-Based, 100% Natural Supplement available exclusively from Xtend-Life.

Before Kiwi-Klenz, you had to ingest 3 different products to receive the prebiotic, enzyme and soluble fiber supplements you need for a balanced digestive tract.

Not only that, but the serving size for many of these other supplements required that you take 10 or more pills daily.  Ugh!

With Kiwi-Klenz you can take as little as one vegetarian capsule and you’re done for the day!

Even better, kiwi fruit is very gentle on our digestive system. So, really then, any Kiwi based supplement ought to be good for you, right?!

Not so much…  You see the other Kiwi based products are manufactured using freeze-dried pulp from Kiwi that has had it’s skin discarded.  But as in many fruits, a significant amount of the compounds your body needs for optimal performance are found in the skin and the seeds of the fruit.

Of course, there’s a huge variation is quality among different Kiwi based products, as well.  All other Kiwi based supplements currently available, lack the necessary enzymes and prebiotics to make a noticeable difference in your digestive system.

So, what should you look for, when comparing products?  I’m so glad you asked…

Soluble Fiber: Kiwi-Klenz is a source for concentrated fiber and offers more than other soluble fiber foods or, dried kiwifruit powder or psyllium husk dietary supplements.

Enzymes: These are natural components of our food that work to breakdown what we eat so that our bodies can use it. Enzymes are especially important in breaking down animal and milk proteins, which are very difficult to digest.  While Kiwi-Klenz offers a significant amount of enzyme activity, neither kiwi fruit or psyllium husk products offer any.

Phenolic Compounds: These are natural bioactives which are found within kiwi fruit.  Clinical studies have found that the type of phenolic compounds present in Kiwi-Klenz actually inhibit the growth of bad bacteria (pathogenic bacteria S. aureus & pathogenic bacteria E. coli) while encouraging the growth of good bacteria within your digestive tract.

Prebiotics: Not to be confused with “Probiotics,” Prebiotics are found naturally in nature and have been shown to play an important role in promoting good, digestive health. Probiotics are created during the fermentation process and are present in such foods as yogurt and pickled products.  However, there is little proof they offer any benefit at all.

Processed Using the Patented AquaPure System: This processing system is essential to preserve the enzymes, phenolics and prebiotics that are usually destroyed by other types of processing.

Environmentally Sound Manufacturing Methods: Kiwi-Klenz has no negative impact on the environment, given it is made from sustainable resources.

You may wonder why you can’t simply eat Kiwi Fruit, and achieve the same results?

You can!  But from a practical perspective, you’re not likely to want to eat between 2-4 whole kiwi fruit – including the not so appetizing, skin.

Let’s face it, Kiwi-Klenz is simply much more convenient and practical and as such, you’re more likely to continue to take it and benefit from the healthy results.

I mean really.  You’re just not going to stick with a plan that includes eating 2-4 Kiwi Fruit per day.

With the Kiwi-Klenz supplement you have a product that is derived from fruit harvested at the height of the season and processed via the exclusive AquaPure system, retaining all of its natural benefits.

One vegetarian capsule provides the healthy benefit of two kiwi fruit as well as the valuable enzymes found in the skin.

And it’s affordable.  It’s actually less costly to take the supplement than it would be to keep yourself supplied with fresh kiwi fruit!

Finally, all the important nutrients and fiber of the original fruit are preserved in an easy to take, tasteless capsule.

In summary, Kiwi-Klenz is the only “100% natural digestive supplement available on the market that works to maintain total balance in your digestive tract.”

Who Should Take Kiwi-Klenz?!

  • Kid or Teenager
  • Busy Adult
  • Individuals Age 50 and Above
  • Senior Citizens Suffering from Disease

This really is a universal product that all age groups can benefit from.  Given that our diets are so full of processed ingredients and foods, we live with the consequences of an unbalanced digestive tract.

From the kids who fill up on junk foods to the young adults who survive on fast food and quick meals prepared with processed foods, we’re starving our bodies of healthy nutrients.

As we age, our digestive system slows making it more difficult to absorb the nutrients we need which only serves to exacerbate the aging process by forcing us to suffer from disease that originated as a result of an imbalanced digestive system.

Starting right now, you can begin taking just one vegetarian capsule a day to benefit from the significant, positive impact on your health.

Try Kiwi-Klenz for 30 days and watch how your body responds!


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