When Was the Last Time You Actually

Drank Sparkling Fresh Water?!

If you’re like me, you’re very concerned with the quality of your drinking and bathing water – as well you should be!  The fact that you’ve found this site at all, must mean you already know how serious some of these concerns are.

As consumers and educated citizens, we’ve witnessed the huge trend of people turning towards natural health — the rise of the organic food moment, the backlash against pesticides, the booming of local farmer’s markets, and so forth — and now, we’re starting to wake up to the most important thing we can do for our health: drink pure, healthy water.

The sad reality is, in an era of rising health consciousness, our drinking water purity is declining. Some comprehensive studies now show there are over 2,100 toxins in our drinking water. These toxins include: chlorine, lead, numerous chemicals, pharmaceuticals and corporate pollution.  Just to name a few.

All of this nasty stuff may be found in your tap water.

We’re not going to even get into the aging infrastructures in nearly every city of any size, many of which have lead piping delivering water to homes and businesses throughout the country.

If you think you’re protecting yourself by drinking bottled water, you may want to re-think that plan.  You see bottled water may be the biggest scam of all. Depending on the brand name, bottled water may be nothing more than tap water. There simply are no government standards that require bottled water to be any better.

The FDA has stated: “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public.”

Did you know that bottled water, ounce for ounce, can cost more than gasoline – even with the high prices we have experienced this last couple of years?  If you’re an environmentally conscious type of person, then consider this statement:

“It [the purchase of bottled water] causes millions of plastic bottles to be manufactured, transported and then disposed of in U.S. landfills; it’s killing our planet, and for no good reason…”   Eric Olsen, Natural Resource Defense Counsel.

So, what’s the solution?  How can we protect the health of ourselves, our families and even our pets, while improving the well being of our planet? The answer is to use home water filtration systems.

Not just any filtration system.  You see, there are significant differences between water purification products. An expensive water purification system does not necessarily mean better, more healthy water.

A Couple Key Points to Consider:

  •  1) The best selling water purification systems currently available are so-called “reverse osmosis” or “distillation.” These are actually not the optimal choice because, although they do a pretty good job of removing contaminants, they also remove the beneficial minerals that are vital for our health.

Our bodies are designed to drink water with important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more. Nowhere on earth does de-mineralized water appear naturally.

  •  2) Many systems do not employ multi-filtration. Due to the molecular size of some contaminants a multi-filtration system is needed to maximize the removal capabilities of the purification system. Without the use of a multi-filtration water purification system some of the worst toxic offenders (pharmaceuticals, as an example), are not filtered out.

That’s not good, because that means those contaminants are still making their way into your drinking water and the consumer has a false sense of security.

  •  3) Many of us don’t consider the Purity of Water we cook our food with or the water we shower or bath in. Remember: when you shower, the warm water opens the pores of your skin allowing water and the nasty stuff in it, to penetrate into your skin. Pure water is very beneficial for the skin and hydrates it.

If you suffer from dryness, or any skin condition or disorder, it’s even more important that you bathe in purified water.

If you cook with impurities in your water, some of those impurities are released into the air to be inhaled into your lungs.  The cooking process can also cause some contaminants to become more highly concentrated as the volume of water is released in the form of steam, and then consumed along with your prepared food.  Neither out come being good for your health.

You must also remember that the elderly, babies and your pets, are much more likely to be unable to handle the contaminants.

Now, there are many well know brands and companies out there that produce good, decent products. With the knowledge you have picked up here, you should be able to do your home work, and decide on a filtration system that will work for you.


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